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The KURS barbershop masters have at least 5 years of experience. We are a well-coordinated team, we work quickly, efficiently, and are responsible for the result. With an individual approach, each haircut and shave enhances the male silhouette, head shape and facial features. We are united by common values: style, character, professionalism, openness and attention to details.


Classic haircut of any hair length with a clipper and scissors. With a head wash before and after. It takes an hour of your time.

Haircut with or without fade. It takes from half an hour to forty-five minutes of your time.

A beard trim with recommendations on how to properly care for it. It is carried out with clipper and scissors. To shave with straight or electric razor – we’ll choose in the process. It takes from half an hour to an hour of your time.

Evens out hair color, dyes grey hair. Helpful for beards with different shades. It takes half an hour of your time.

We treat a young man like an adult while making a haircut. We cut boys from 5 y.o. Is he younger? We will show you where he can have a haircut. It takes from forty minutes to an hour of your time.

(Top-master only) An ancient ritual. We shave your head or face using hot towels, essential oils, make cold towel wraps. It takes from half an hour to an hour of your time.


обучение барбер

We have a lot of experience in men's haircuts and teaching, so we are happy to share our knowledge. We are ready to pave your Course in the world of men's haircuts. Trust our experience and developed training system. More detailed information – by phone.


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